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My Story

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people. I was a storyteller long before I ever knew there was such a career. That was the start of Createmanifest.  One day , I said I am going to travel all over the world and share my stories with my extended family. That is what Create an Manifest is all about. Life has definitely given me some ups and downs with many lessons along the way that I share with the world. Travel with me on my quest to uncover how we all relate to one another. Grow with me on this voyage and I guarantee you'll grow too. 


I am passionate about pouring in to the lives of my audience. Having a platform that allows me to share what I am passionate about with others is a great gift for all involved. Having been a guest on such podcasts as, Lets Talk radio,, online magazines Breathe Again, and Business Men and Women of Color. Being a motivational speaker allows me to share vivid details of my journeys with my audiences all over the world. Its priceless when someone shares their testimony of how hearing my journey, inspired



I am extremely proud of my latest book. My close friends and  family,  know how much work was put into getting this book ready for release and publication. I’m so excited to finally share The Journey To Find Me with a wider audience and hope you enjoy it. Experience a spiritual journey  and purchase your copy of The Journey To Find Me by clicking the link below.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to uplift, embrace  and encourage individuals that feel they have lost their way, while on the journey of life. Struggling to find again what they were once passionate about.It is never too late to manifest your dreams. Tonia shares her personal stories of faith and determination.  To let you know each of us has the power to change our story Storytelling is a opportunity to extend faith.


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