Good morning everybody :) I woke up feeling inspired to make a difference today. I believe am going to do just that. Which is interesting because I was a bit stressed out and couldn't sleep. But I listened to meditation and got my thoughts aligned. My prayers are being answered. Its a Good Day! Enjoy your day! Make it a M.A.D (manifest all day) Monday!

Later that day............

Okay, soooo remember this morning I told y'all I felt I was going to make a difference today? I met a stranger who who asked for my help and I help. But ...But I saw something in this person possession that caught my attention. You know me so I was like hey...... Turns out I had info info they needed to move forward.. Awesome,! And they blessed me with something I spoke in my day! I thought I was dreaming! I was so happy I took those extra few minutes this morning to stop , meditate and ask the Lord what he had on the agenda for us today. Otherwise "I" would've been focused on a bunch of nothing lol and missed out. Good Night

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