Serving Another

Hey everybody, I hope everyone is doing well. Soooo...I have a story for you. It happened today.

I pulled into a parking lot , parked and gathered what I needed to go take care of mybusiness. While I was doing that I noticed a man sitting outside, but near the entrance whereI was going . I iwalked past him and then again on my way back to my car. We never made eye contact but something felt ............

I thought all I have is a $20 bill and Im suppose to be stopping at the store for something. I really didnt want to make another stop but I looked at him again. Thats when I got out of my car walked across the parking lot and introduced myself. I asked if he was alright? He wasnt. I gave him the $20. At that moment a car drove up close to where we were standing, close enough to make us move. I thought what's up with this person.

Well, the driver was smiling and he too saw this man . Maybe he was watching him as well,The driver asked him if he needed anything? I walked away and went to my car but I saw the driver hand him a banana not sure what else if anything my back was turned. I felt as though once I tool a step someone saw me and did the same.

A hour or so later I had to pay a bill. The voice prompt said my balance is zero. I was like no that wrong .It may be late lol but its not zero. I spoke with customer service and he said you dont owe anything. Your balance is zero. I said Shut Up lol Yall my $20 gift was multiplied by 10!


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