When in what?

Have you ever had a dependable friend let you down? Well yesterday, was the day for me. My (usually dependable)friend had been telling me for months that they would without a doubt lend a helping hand when the day came. So yesterday was the day I requested their help and it was like I had encountered the half of their brain that wasnt functioning well. It was crazy! It left me scarmbling at the last minute and extremely upset.! Have you ever repeated to yourself or out loud the steps that were involved just to give yourself clarity. People have you thinking, did I misunderstand? Have you feeling like you were the crazy one? lol Then, you finally just accept it . New plan.

Now, that Ive controlled my breathing. which is very important. I had to sit in quiet breathing and just let the circumstances melt off my energy. I knew my new journey was coming in to parishon. I said Lord I believe thats who you sent to help me. However, they chose to get off the path with me. I believe you will send me the help I need. Again, Im totally depending on you. So I did everything I could do as if that missing part wasnt missing. Hey??? What do you do. Shortly after that I made a call about something pertaining to the plan. Check this out! I asked the woman on the phone ONE question and she said. Okay Tonia let me just explain some things to you . I was like, ok. She said that like she been knowing me for years but ok. The more she spoke the more she had my undivided attention. When she was done talking I honestly couldnt think of anything to say. She covered the missing piece I needed and some. Finally , I said Wow! You have really made me happy! I am so happy to have spoken with you. I was totally blown away! What was suppose to be a one minute call , just a yes or no answer. Was actually a 19 minute call You know what she said. I get that reaction quite a bit! lol How cool was that!

Then , two hours after that call. I get a call . During that call I find out that I had a mixup. Turns out the date I had on my list was correct but, it was the end date not the start date that I had. What does that mean? The phone call earlier with the woman, now it just brought clarity .

Why am I sharing all my business with you? Because its actually all of our business. Its not a cliche, not just some words. My journey yesterday is a clear example of not getting off the path or allowing anyone to take you off your path. Stay focused and blieve in YOUR bigger picture. It was my experience less than 24 hours ago.

Miracles and more Miracles!!!!! Amen!!

could do, as if that part of the plan did not take place. Sh

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