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For the past two years it has been on my heart to do a particular task. I wrote the specific details on paper at least three times. Honestly, I knew I had the tools to inspire you to "believe" and "manifest" the life you desire. However, at that time doubt kept me from moving forward with that assignment .But, over last couple of days, Ive been reminded that there is still a need for it.

I'm talented but where do I start?

What is my gift?

I need one on one help?

A support system is what I need?

Am I too old ?

Bounce an idea off other like minded peers?

I want change in my life but...

If this is you , I am here to help you. Stay tuned for the announcement of "our group" focused on Creating and Manifesting a happy life. To make sure you don't miss it. Subscribe to my email list .

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