Being equipped with what we need .Here is just one example: One day I was really low on cash . Stressing to the point of not eating all I did was worry. I had just a small amount of cash but I needed more. I reached out to a friend that I helped many times in the past. My friend said " I wont let you down". I felt a sigh of relief. The next day I'm waiting for my "friend" who was a no show . I was devastated!! I said Lord you must have known this was going to happen, now what? By this point everything else had fell in place that I needed so I knew the Lord plan was still motion. I had to stop focusing on the distraction which was my no good ex friend. I kept hearing and seeing my answer. It was the same answer I saw the day before, It was such a gentle answer I kept blowing it off. Now, I'm forced to look at it. It was a credit card that was maxed out. I called to hear the status and it wasn't maxed out. I had my answer all along. Yes I thought credit card debt. But the Lord takes care of everything Right?. The same day I received a call where I was given double the amount of what I needed. So I was able to pay credit card debt off and have some left over. Also, the person that reached out to me had no idea what was going on with me at that time. They showed me love for all the love I had given in the past.

So many messages in this story.

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