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A few years ago I was introduced to Forex trading. I immediately fell in the with everything about it. No, this isn't a sales pitch and if you know me, you know that's not my style. I had a awesome Forex mentor and it was all good. Until, I felt guilty that I wasn't 'really helping anyone. People looked for me to inspire and motivate them to continue on their journey . So, life happened and I was no longer involved with a Forex .

Now, here we are in a forever changing world. One day my fire was lit again by the Forex charts LOL Instantly that passion was all over me. However, this time it came with a huge BONUS. I had the option to trade and make my money without ever dealing with anyone and/or I could still motivate others and build my own community. Which causes a domino effect of individuals building their own community of happy wealthy individuals. Honestly,Ive never had any interest in sales but this is both passions of mine in one community so I don't feel like I'm selling anyone on anything.

One dream of mine was always to leave my grandchildren all the tools I possibly can to make their lives easier. My journal of stories, books Ive published, how to videos and everything that produced results for me.They also inherit the community I build. My hard work will live on and on. That's security and peace of mine for my love ones.

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